Best Socks for The Groom That Makes the Bride Say “I Do”

It is finally the big day that you have been looking forward to. 

Both you and your soon-to-be wife have been planning all the details out carefully so that everything can be perfect on your wedding day. 

She tells you how she is going to wear a specific style of heels to look her best in her wedding dress and then it hits you. 

Why not make your feet look equally as amazing as you would look wearing the tux you got? 

There are so many designs to choose from and you could even find something unique for yourself. 

But which one is going to pull everything together and blow her away?

Do not worry, we have the best list of places to go to find the perfect pair right here.

No Cold Feet Co.

Best Wedding Socks for Groom

Want to keep yourself from getting cold feet, both literally and figuratively? Then these are the socks for you.

Apart from the clever name, No Cold Feet Co. sells socks with all sorts of great patterns that will let you find something that surely matches the rest of your outfit. 

The company was started in 2016 by a couple, Mari and Matt. Matt got the idea when he could not find a good place that specialized in socks for weddings.

Well, good thing they took that idea and ran with it, because now we have such an amazing line of unique socks to pick from. 

Not to forget, the packaging of the socks is customizable depending on who you would like to give the sock to. 

If you are going to get a nice pair of socks, why not thank your groomsmen with some as well? These custom labelled socks are one of their best sellers. 

Along with the adorable packaging, they also come with classic designs like stripes, polka dots and argyle. 

Your groomsmen would definitely appreciate getting one of these as a “groomposal”.


What a groom needs on his wedding day are some bomb-ass socks to impress. While we all value comfortable and high-quality socks, when a pair of socks has a purpose higher than the comfort it brings us, you have to admit it feels much better.

Kick off your wedding with a pair of socks that gives back to the community. For every pair of Bombas socks you buy, one pair is donated to someone who needs it. 

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Bombas – Giving Back

Other than supporting homeless shelters, they also stand firmly for black rights. 

As of 2020, they have donated $250,000 in total to five different organizations that work hard to combat systemic racism and inequality against the Black community. 

Bombas has a mission to make the world better, one sock at a time.

They also pride themselves in quality so not only will you be able to make someone’s day but also have some really cozy feet on your wedding day. 

All that time spent on your feet certainly warrants getting yourself a good pair of socks like theirs. 

Share the happiness you feel on your wedding day with others by getting yourself a Bombas sock.


SockprintsPersonalized Wedding Socks with Star Wars Theme

If you are getting married on 4th May, Sockprints has got you covered. 

From Star Wars themed socks to socks with cute quotes, you can get any sort of printed socks from here. As a bonus, you even get to have your father wear a Darth Vader sock. 

These are more for the grooms who want to get a chuckle out of everyone attending the wedding parties. 

Feel free to even lift your trousers a tiny bit while your bride walks down the aisle to show her what a lucky women she is to be marrying a man with Luke Skywalker on his ankles.

For extra points, you can even try getting yourself one of the customizable socks with faces. 

custom groomsmen socks
SockprintsCustom Faces Printed on Around the Leg

Remind her how much you love her by wearing a pair of these covered with her face. A subtle bit of humour never hurt anybody.

These are a fun way to lighten the mood and maybe even help get rid of some pre-wedding jitters. Everybody will get a good laugh out of a pair of these and make the wedding even more memorable.


“The manners (and socks) maketh the man.” Which is why, you can look your best with a clean pair of socks from FALKE

Get yourself some stylish and classic socks that will make your outfit really stand out.

They are great at making socks of great quality and craftsmanship. 

Their dedication to their products has led to FALKE having some amazing socks to pick from. Not only are they comfortable, but they also come in many designs.

A unique part about them is how long they have been around. 

After 125 years, they understand what goes into making a good pair of socks. Their dress socks for men are simple yet make a statement as they are designed with an accumulation of inspiration over the years. 

Depending on your personality, you get to pick what kind of classic pieces speak to you.

If you are not into patterns and just want a block color, you could even opt for their cool 24/7. From their name, these can be worn anytime, anywhere. They come in plain, basic colors so they add a subtle extra oomph to your outfit.

There is something about getting a good quality pair of socks that you know will last you even past a special occasion.

Why not get a lasting pair of socks for your long-lasting marriage?

Happy Socks

Want to get a pair of socks that matches your happy spirits on your special day? Happy Socks has got you covered.

Who says dress socks have to be just stripes or plaid? These socks are not only simple but also insanely adorable. 

From socks that have a galaxy full of stars on them, to Andy Warhol’s Bananas, you can make a statement with any pair you get.

The patterns are all very tasteful and just the right amount of “extra”, perfect for a groom who wants to have some personality in his outfit but not get too much attention to his socks. 

These unique socks let you have a little fun with your outfit on your wedding day. If your partner asks you why you want to wear a pair of socks covered in stars, you could even be smooth with it and tell her it is because it represents how being with her makes you feel like you are walking among the stars. (You can thank me for that one later.)

So, What Should You Wear?

All of these brands are very cool but, what do you pick out of so many options. 

All these companies offer something different and unique for you as a customer. 

Their socks serve different purposes and it really depends on what aspect of yourself you wish to portray on your wedding day.

Maybe you and your partner are goofballs who love to joke around a lot. 

Well then, the socks from Sockprints is the right pick for you. 

If you are someone who does not like to buy a lot of socks and wants to invest in a good pair, go for a pair from Falke. They are simple and easy to style with anything, but they serve a cause anyone can get behind as well.

Are you planning on surprising your groomsmen with presents? Then No Cold Feet Co. is going to be your answer with their custom packaging and stylish socks. 

Speaking of which, socks would also be a great option as a way to coordinate outfits with your groomsmen and you can get some really nice pictures together.

Now if you are a little goofy but want to not go overboard with it, get yourself a fun pair of socks from Happy Socks. They will leave your outfit looking a little extra snazzy and you with some happy feet. 

But not all of us want to make a statement with our socks. Some of us just want a pair that pulls our outfits together well. In that case FALKE’s simple collection from its luxury line will serve you well. 

Till Death Do Us Part

While not many of us may even think about socks as something to care about when deciding on what to wear on our wedding day, they can really hold more significance than we think.

Not only will we be able to associate our special day with them but by giving thought to which pair of socks you wear, you will be able to wear a piece of what you wore on your special day on any other day. 

Unlike tuxedos, socks do not really need any special occasion to be worn on. It is a form of memorabilia that you can wear, and that makes it a lot more significant.

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