15 Attractive Socks for Women For Every Occasion

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They say that a good pair of shoes bring you to good places. But what about socks?

Insignificant as they may be, a good pair of socks can ensure a full day of comfort in your choice of shoes.

If you are like me, chances are that you often buy your socks without putting in much thought or effort, and probably in bulk.

The result isn’t always very pleasant, with the socks becoming loose around the ankle over time or blisters around the heels due to the socks wearing out.

Well, all that is about to change!

With a little research here and some recommendations there, here is a list of quality socks for women compiled for varying occasions.

Socks for women

Summary of Our Selection

Best Overall Socks – Cotton Solid Crew Socks Set by Dresslily
Best No Show Socks – Hidden Cotton Liner Socks by HUE
Best Knee High Socks – LianLifestlye Women’s Boot Socks by Henny Rue
Best Thigh High Socks – Over the Knee Socks by Chalier
Best Socks for Walking – Cushioned No Show Socks by Bombas
Best Socks for Running – No Show Tab Running Socks by Under Armour
Best Compression Socks – Stamina Socks by Physix Gear Sport
Best Socks for Hiking – Hiker Boot Sock Full Cushion by Darn Tough
Best Socks for Skiing – SK2 Skiing Socks by FALKE
Best Socks for The Office – Happy Socks Limited Edition Series
Best Socks for Maternity Wear – Maternity Tights by FALKE
Best Socks for Date Night – Dot Dress Sock by FALKE
Best Socks for Sleeping – Fleece-lined Slippers Sock by SDBING
Best Seasonal Socks – The Great Outdoors Pack by Sock Fancy
Best Socks for Gifting – Custom Printed Socks by Sockprints

Best Socks for Women (Editor’s Choice)

Best Overall Socks for Women – Cotton Solid Crew Socks Set by Dresslily

If you are a sneaker head like me, these cotton solid crew socks from Dresslily would be the perfect pair of everyday socks for you!

These socks stop right above your ankle, giving you a cute preppy look.

The trendy mustard and maroon pairs could be paired with white sneakers like the Nike White Air Force 1 to spice up the look. On the other hand, colorful high tops could be complemented by the neutral toned socks.

If you are feeling a little adventurous, you can even mix and match different socks to rock a funky look!

The length of the socks is perfect for preventing blisters and shoe bites while the breathe cotton provides comfort even after a long day of walking.

Best No Show Socks for Women – Hidden Cotton Liner Socks by HUE

For the ladies that are a big fan of wearing ballet flats, looking for a pair of socks that will keep your feet looking professional can be a little tricky.

No show socks that are well-hidden under the flats tend to slip off due to the little grip they have.

Well, not for the Hidden Cotton Liner Socks by HUE. Featuring an elastic topline and a silicon back, these socks wrap around the edges of your feet with the silicon backing keeping the sock in place.

The deep cut in the front and the nude shades of the socks ensures that they stay invisible to the eye regardless of how shallow your flats are.

We can safely say that these no show socks are definitely a value for money.

Best Knee High Socks for Women – Lian Lifestyle Women’s Boot Socks by Henny Rue

Everyone knows the struggles of finding the perfect boot socks – trying to keep our feet warm without feeling sweaty, ensuring the socks stay up without digging into our thigh.

Made of high performance fabric, these knee high socks by Henny Rue offers a non-binding hold while providing maximum dryness level at the same time.

Boasting over thousands of 5-star ratings, just a glimpse at the review section would provide you with endless reasons to buy these socks in bulk for the fall season.

These multi-colored pack provides you with the perfect color combinations to complement your fall outfit. Bonus points for the luxurious velvety texture that will make you feel like a queen.

Best Thigh High Socks for Women – Over the Knee Socks by Chalier

With fall coming, it might be getting a little too chilly to pull off the tennis skirt and mini skirt looks.

This is where the thigh high socks come into play!

Made of soft poly-cotton blends, these over the knee stockings by Chalier can keep you warm while being breathable at the same time.

Stretchy to wear with good grips, these pair of socks might just become your go-to all fall with the numerous colors to spice up your outfits.

These thigh high socks can even be matched with school uniforms and cosplay outfits.

Don’t be too surprise if you catch yourself wearing them during Halloween!

Best Socks for Walking – Cushioned No Show Socks by Bombas

Suitable for long hours of wearing, these no show socks by Bombas are super soft and comfortable, with a silicon heel grip to ensure that the socks stay in place all day.

Despite being on the pricier side, the high-quality cotton blend makes these socks a worthy investment since a few alternating pairs can last you for months!

Furthermore, for every pair purchased, Bombas donates another to the Convenant House, a nonprofit helping youth facing homelessness. Companies like these are really not getting the hype that they deserve!!

Best Socks for Running – No Show Tab Running Socks by Under Armour

As a frequent jogger, the only pair of socks that I actually invest in are my jogging socks.

After numerous trials and errors, I can safely vouch for the Under Armour’s No Show Tab Running Socks.

With a dynamic arch support, these socks help to relief foot fatigue after miles of running, especially for those with a flat foot. The mesh material and anti-odor technology serves to keep your feet feeling fresh even after an intense workout.

For those that enjoy evening jogs, the reflective logo on the tab is also an additional safety feature for dimly lit streets, especially when crossing the roads. Give it a shot!

Best Compression Socks for Women – Stamina Socks by Physix Gear Sport

If you need a level up from the running socks above, these compression socks by Physix Gear Sports would be the perfect performance gear for you.

Designed with a gradient compression and engineered with the latest arch to calf compression technology, these socks can support you even through the most extreme of sports.

More than pushing yourself to that extra mile, these compression socks also serve as a form of selfcare, with the enhanced blood circulation providing much relief for your varicose veins.

Best Socks for Hiking – Hiker Boot Sock Full Cushion by Darn Tough

The worst thing about hiking socks is that more often than not, they are men-sized and too large for many of us.

But don’t worry, we got you covered.

Naturally anti-microbial with a fine gauge knitting, Darn Tough offers a lifetime guarantee for their Hiker Boot socks. Its full stack offering of fast action wicking and all-weather performance features makes it the only pair of hiking socks you will ever need.

Furthermore, its performance fit, with no slipping, no bunching and no blisters delivers maximum comfort even for the long haul.

Ranging from size 4.5 to 14, the range of sizes and sizing chart ensures that every individual receives a form fitting pair. Who doesn’t love a size-inclusive company?

Best Socks for Skiing – Women SK2 Skiing Socks by FALKE

Made of Merino Wool blend, these pair of skiing socks provide medium cushioning for optimal protection and balanced boot contact.

The patented anatomic FALKE fit with the left and right foot guarantees maximum enjoyment on the slopes with optimal control and power transmission.

These socks are so comfortable that they have even been worn for leisure purposes during the colder season.

Crowned as the best outdoor socks by some, these socks should definitely be invested in this coming winter!

Best Socks for The Office – Happy Socks Limited Edition

A personal favorite, Happy Socks are definitely my go-to for working socks.

True to its name, Happy Socks can brighten up your day and chase away all the Monday blues. Pairing up with numerous creative brands, the limited editions offers choices from Minecraft to Disney, or even the Beatles themed socks.

With so many options, it can be difficult to single out a favorite. Be careful or you will end up with your cart full!

In addition to the limited edition, you can also check out their categories, which includes other dorky collections as well.

They even have a selection of pride socks to show their support.

Best Socks for Maternity Wear – Maternity Tights by FALKE

One of the least pleasant things about pregnancy is often having to give up fashion for comfort.

Well, not anymore.

With an extremely soft cuff, these Maternity Tights by Falke cover your entire belly, growing with your baby throughout the journey.

With knitted bands providing a comfortable hold, you can continue to look cute and stay warm while being supported in the lower back and under the bump.

Most importantly, this supporting effect over the length of the leg can help to counteract water retention during your pregnancy! Cheers to a classy pregnancy ~

Best Socks for Date Night – Dot Dress Sock by FALKE

Hitting where a tube sock does, these socks are extremely versatile and looks super chic and dorky when paired with heels, sandals or even when it is peeking out of the boots.

Produced by a family-run premium brand – FALKE, the heavy duty, transparent mesh made of satin sheer technology is so durable and comfortable, suitable for almost any lifestyle.

With an alternate white option, these timeless classics would surely be a worthy investment that can be easily paired with any shoe of your choice.

Plus points for the size inclusive range that runs covers from US size 5 to 10.5!

Cold feet in heels are now a thing of the past for sure!

Best Socks for Sleeping – Fleece-lined Slippers Sock by SDBING

Ever wondered how walking on clouds feel like?

SBDING’s fleece-lined slipper socks are made of soft cloud-like materials, making them the perfect pair to sleep in.

With silicon rubber grips on the sole, these non-skid socks would prevent slipping in the comfort on your house, especially if you have hardwood floors.

The twist patterns, fleece lining and over 29 color choices would keep you looking cute while keeping warm.

My personal favourite would be the Wine Red and Light Grey Rhombic pairs.

With a 4.5 star rating and almost 2,000 reviews on Amazon, we can all agree that I am not the only one that thinks that they are perfect for sleeping.

Best Seasonal Socks – The Great Outdoors Pack by Sock Fancy

If socks are boring and a mere afterthought to you, this seasonal subscription box by Sock Fancy will definitely prove you wrong.

Delivered once every 3 months, the subscription box is specially curated for every season! Trendy and unique, it is safe to say that each pair carries their own personality.

Getting sick of your current set? Here’s a funky new set for the coming season!!

Thanksgiving or Secret Santa exchange with absolutely no idea what to get? Here’s a fun surprise with quality second to none.

Here’s a peek at this fall’s collection – inspired by the camping season, these socks will definitely leave you feeling cute and warm.

The leaves are changing, so should your socks!!

Best Socks for Gifting – Custom Printed Socks by Sockprints

Now, if you know someone that is obsessed with their pets or want your significant other to be reminded of you all day long, the only way to go would be custom printed socks!

Be it a prank or a meaning message, customized socks are very versatile and unique.

Not only will it be fun to go through the creation process, the reaction from the unexpected gift would definitely be something to look forward to.


From a blank canvas to pre-set designs, the numerous options provided makes the customizing process accessible to all sort of occasions. Design assistance services are even available for those looking for a fully customized sock for women with zero idea on how to go about it.

As a company specialized in custom printing socks, Sockprints is also a great emergency gift option with an average production time of only 3 working days. With bulk discounts, no minimum order and free shipping over US$40, these socks are suitable as wedding party gifts or team socks.

Don’t say that I didn’t leave the best for the last!!

How To Find The Most Suitable Pair Of Socks for Women?

Despite the various socks for women recommended above, the list is definitely not exhaustive with different individuals having different needs and preferences.

Here’s a few short tips to help you find the most suitable pair for yourself!

1. Identify the purpose of your socks

The purpose of your socks will definitely affect the material and support you require when you make your purchase. Wearing a thin pair of cotton socks for hiking would definitely lead to sweaty feet and blisters. On the other hand, socks with padding in the heel and the ball of your foot can help you stay comfortable during more intense activities.

2. Consider the materials for your socks

Our feet contains over hundreds of thousands of sweat glands, which is why many people tend to feel a sweaty sensation after long hours of wearing. As such, it is important to choose the right type of fabric to prevent chafing and blisters. Cotton would be suitable for those who prefer comfort while synthetic fibre is more effective for moisture-wicking.

3. Checking the fit of your socks

The fit of the socks is often overlooked by many individuals but a form fitting pair would look and feel good on you. Snug but not overly tight, the perfect fit would prevent the socks from bunching or slipping off your ankles. A reinforced, tight arch area would also be crucial for individuals with flat feet or high arches.

Closing Thoughts

Most importantly, choose whatever that makes you happy! Do also check out our post on the best Christmas Socks to give this Christmas.

So go ahead, take your pick, the perfect pair of socks for women is definitely in the list above. You can thank me when they arrive later ~

Have fun shopping for socks this fall!

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