5 Fun And Unique Socks For People With Great Personality

Whenever we shop for clothes, we put a lot of thought into what kind of shirts or pants we would like, or what style of shoe we prefer. 

But how many of us even go through as many questions when buying socks? Most of us probably just grab a plain pair of socks, because hey, they would be hidden under our shoes anyway right? Well, what if we made them a fashion statement.

Socks can totally serve their purpose while being absolutely stylish. All of us have unique personalities and you know what? We deserve some fun and unique socks to express ourselves. We can make our feet as colorful as our personalities or as classic as we are.

There is something out there for everyone and this selection of socks will surely help you find something along your style.

For the Quirky Ones


You know you are wearing some great socks when you look down and a face is staring right back up at you. These socks with a face are unique not just in their design, but they are also mismatched and inspired by a comic. 

Yes, you read that right.

A Mr-Mi-Socki Comic – Mr-Mi-Socki

Mr-Mi-Socki socks are based on a comic that they made, and the storyline of this comic is just the best. A sock wakes up in a dryer without its other half and has to navigate through the underground world of solo socks to get home. 

I do not know what I love more, the fact that they made a comic about socks or that they called it an underground world of solo socks. 

At Mr-Mi-Socki, they want you to connect with what you wear and by having a creative story behind the socks, they hope to do exactly that. As they put it, “every sock has a story”. As adorable as these socks are, they are also very comfortable. A total win-win.

You would not be needing anymore sock puppets after getting a pair from them.

The Sock Drawer

The Sock Drawer
“Go away I’m introverting” – The Sock Drawer

Want to let your socks speak for you? No, really, these socks can speak for you.

The Sock Drawer has a huge assortment for any mood you may be in. Whether you want to tell someone that you love the ocean or that you are just not in the mood to talk, they have just about all you could ever want.

Sadly since COVID-19, they have had to close the first ever store where it all started but they are making some big strides online.

The Sock Drawer hope to add some happiness to people’s lives one sock at a time and the cutest part is that they even write a little note when you order from them. Talk about spreading joy!

For the Advocates


Bombas sock donations – Bombas

Some of us strongly support causes and as individuals, it can be hard to find ways to contribute to the causes we support. We try to make choices influenced by our views on the world, buying more sustainable clothes or donating that little extra bit at a checkout for children in an impoverished country. 

Well, Bombas sells socks that actually let you leave an impact. Socks with a purpose.

While being of very high quality, these socks give back to the less privileged. For every pair that is bought, they donate a pair to shelters all over the United States. 

Considering that socks are one of the most asked for item alongside underwear, they are making a huge impact in the community. Now these are some bombas-s socks.

Conscious Step

Conscious Step
Conscious Step Socks That Contribute to Different Causes – Conscious Step

Depending on what cause you support, whether it is world hunger, wildlife preservation, sustainability, or anything really, Conscious Step definitely has a cause and charity you can get behind. 

These unique socks serve different purposes while raising awareness about problems that plague the world today. While many times we struggle with looking for a place that supports what we also support, they have managed to condense everything under the umbrella into one site.

The numbers – Conscious Step as of September 2020

Currently their impacts have been paramount around the world and they are constantly trying to improve which is truly admirable. These socks are not just great to wear but inspire change as well.

For the Minimalists


Contrary to the common misconception, minimalism does not mean throwing away everything you have. It means to have just what you need. Everything has purpose. Which is why minimalists value good quality items that can last.

And the perfect socks for that are these amazingly unique socks by Skinners.

Skinners socks – Skinners

These socks are made to last. You could drag them through rocks, swim through rivers in them or just lounge around in your home in them. But these bad boys will stay strong through whatever you put them through.

Unless you decide to put them through fire for some reason, then they would definitely not last. But then again, if you are the type of person to put your socks in fire, you probably would be better off without one.

The unique part about these socks is the technology in them. They are designed to perform in all sorts of situations. The outsole is water resistant, which means we can wave goodbye to the feeling of wet socks (thank god). 

They also have minimal number of seams to make sure that it lasts longer. No more tears that make your feet peek out and get burns from rubbing in your shoes.

With all this comfort and longevity, these are a pair of socks that any of us would probably be glad to get and add to our wardrobes. Their simple design also makes them very versatile for styling for those seeking a sleeker look.

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Closing Thoughts

These are not even the end of it, there are so many different socks one could have. Why stick to just one boring pair of plain white or plain black socks? Why not try making our socks a topic for conversation starters and help the earth while doing so?

Everyone, at some point in their life, has struggled with finding their own style. And it can be hard or even expensive to revamp an entire wardrobe to just explore something new, especially when we are not sure what works for us. 

But you know what is a subtle clothing item that is small yet fashionable?

Yeah, you guessed it. Socks!

Socks are the windows to our souls. Okay, that is a stretch. But socks do speak for us. When a stranger looks you up and down, they will definitely notice your Trump socks.

A beautiful sight to behold, surely. The yellow accent on the sock is just the cherry on the top. If you saw someone rocking one of these, what would your first impression be?

As much fun as it is to get quirky socks, you have to admit, being able to get some amazing socks for meaningful causes is something that we could all support. And as a plus, the socks are long-lasting (by reusing them) and made sustainably

Sometimes we take for granted how much we actually wear the socks in our wardrobes and a lot of times we end up having socks that either start getting holes very fast in the toes, become loose or become uncomfortable to wear.

But when we find a good pair that also looks good and even gives back to community, it feels like the stars have aligned. The birds start singing and it is like a Disney movie as you wear that pair of socks.

In your head you are thinking, “These are going to last,” and feeling great about how you just helped someone or some cause around the world.

Sounds great doesn’t it? So, what kind of sock speaks to you?

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