5 Hacks To Reuse And Recycle Old Sock By Bringing New Life To Them

Listen up humans, living life as a sock is probably pretty sock-ish. 

Grinding out one day at a time, covering your feet, the sense of impending sweat or stinky shoes destroying their freshly washed and dried innards and out-tards.

Going to work with the occasional hole or stains, waiting until they are either too long or too short. Ending life in a bin is just not right! 

They too need a fairytale ending, no matter how short it may be as every tiny bit counts. 

Here are some old socks hacks to give your feet-buddies a new lease of life without any kissing of frogs involved:

Old Socks Hack 1 – Phone Holder 

So you want to get fit, and you feel that going on a run a few times a week will get you into a fit enough shape so you can come out of lockdown looking like (insert chosen fitness inspiration).

You also want to jam to your beats while running, maybe even wearing Beats because why not? But you need your phone too. 

Obviously, you can’t keep your phone in your pockets cause for one, your clothes probably don’t have a pocket and two, the chances of it falling and you screaming in super slow-motion is high. Yadda yadda yadda, you want an arm phone holder. 

But why not make one on your own?

Just cut out the toe portion of your unwanted sock, turn it inside out and pull it up your chosen arm. Put the phone on the upper section of your sock-arm and roll the rest of the sock over it. Boom.

Perfect use of an old sock which has conveniently lost it’s significant other or even when you want to add a bucket load of color to your workouts. Neon pink, anyone?

Old Socks Hack 2 – The Sock For The Dust

No this isn’t a B-grade movie title or an inspiring Netflix Original. Socks are just legitimately good at cleaning. 

There are people out there who feel they don’t have to dust because they don’t have prograde dusting equipment, but really, all you need is one sock. Two if you want to kill..uh…two socks at one go. 

Cleaning hack helps clean your blinds in 1 minute or less
Source: Today Show

Just drag a sock on a somewhat dusty floor and you’ll see what we are raving about. Better yet, put the sock on your hand a-la sock puppet and run it along the surface. 

Since it’s, in theory, a woven cloth, you could even dip it into a cleaning solution and use it as a makeshift mop.

Perfect for someone who wants to cheap out save the planet. Heck, just turn it inside out and use it to clean your blinds.

There is the bonus that you can just throw it in the wash. And if you feel that it has had its fairy-tale recreation of Cinderella pre-ball, you can give it a quick death by tossing it in the bin. 

It’s so simple and versatile. Plus, this is probably the best way to get your kids involved in cleaning short of bribing them.

Old Socks Hack 3 –The O.G. Sock Puppet

Sock Creature Puppets | Parents
Source: Parents

Sock puppets are possibly the cutest toys in existence, and they aren’t just for your kids, everyone needs to find their own Prince/Princess Charming, right? 

The best part about sock puppets is that its looks are entirely based on your creativity, and it’s so simple to make on your own. 

Want to give it googly eyes? Sure. Want to put some sweet rouge lipstick? Your choice. 

If you want your puppet to look fashionable you could give it some signature drip by using Off-White or Gucci socks. You could even fashion some neon pink hair with some yarn? Might as well go all the way, right? 

Although do refrain from giving certain moustache types, unless you have plans for a low budget history lesson.

Sock puppets are not just dope because of the sheer amount of customization but it is a great bonding activity for all generations. You can even use them to play with your pets, provided that they don’t think it’s a chew toy. In that case, you can wave your hands goodbye (get it?). 

Seriously though, don’t use ankle socks or your puppet is going to turn out more lifeless than its ex-life as a sock.

Old Socks Hack 4 –The Car Window Defogger

Ah, the fog, the mist, the legend…at screwing up your view. 

Driving a car isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world, which is why licenses exist, but driving a car with your car having its own cataract-esque troubles is not only scary but outright dangerous. 

So, here’s an interesting life-hack to make your car vision 20/20.

Take a decently long sock, fill it to the ankle with cat litter (perfect use of the extra cat litter, especially when you want to get back at your cat for destroying your puppet/chewing your hand/messing up your life…whichever is preferable), tying a knot at the end. 

Cover it with the sock’s significant other or mix and match if you want to add a little razzle-dazzle to the car interior. Place it anywhere inside your car, but preferably on the dashboard near the windshield, and boom, the Sock-o-Mc-Catto will absorb moisture and keep the windows from fogging.

Worst case, you could even use plain ol’ socks on your windows to clean up any fog. Problem solved.

Old Socks Hack 5 – Hot / Cold Pack

DIY Ice Pack Hack | The Stay-at-Home-Mom Survival Guide

Mon Dieu! You have an injury, or your clumsy self decided to touch a searing hot pan. You cry out in pain, needing something cold, stat! You get an ice pack from your freezer or since you are into DIY you decide to fashion your own ice pack with…uh…ice and a plastic bag. 

Problem is, after a while, this pack becomes uncomfortable, but you still want that cool feeling. Simple, just add a barrier of softness. Sock equals softness, so by mathematical induction just cover your pack with sock and et voila!

Now for a hot pack, you could in theory do the same (i.e. get a hot pack, cover with a sock…you get the picture) but the best way to make a sock-xy hot pack is with uncooked rice and… well…a sock obviously.  

Take a small bowl of rice and just use the force…of gravity to dump it into your sock. Tie the end in a knot or if you are feeling generous, sew it up for additional permanence. Put it in a microwave. 

Usually, 30 seconds should do the trick, but sure if you’re extra masochistic or want to battle the sun in terms of sheer hotness, leave it for as long as you like. Another ‘et voila!’ Later you have a functioning hot pack on the day when you feel to cool for school the need to relax.

DIY: Heat pack! | Sock Dreams Blog | Sock Dreams
Source: Sock Dreams

Closing Thoughts

So, there you have it, some diy methods to reuse your socks beyond just their feet staying lifespan. 

Like most things in life, things last when you take care of them and socks do fall under the category of “things”. But that doesn’t mean it should end there. There is more to re-using socks then just giving them partially Disney-esque endings, and that has to do with sustainability.

Sustainability is like the mirror in Snow White. It’s difficult to understand if you really try to define it (I mean seriously it’s a mirror) but we understand the gist of it. Basically, don’t waste too much and follow the 3R’s: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, right? It sounds so simple, but it has proven time and time again that it is so difficult to enact.

Where do socks come in that you ask? Sock is a garment. Produced by the fashion industry, be it your local Walmart or a boutique Louis Vuitton store. 

Which is one of the most polluting industries in the world? That’s right, the fashion baby.

This is why reusing your garments to make adorable puppets, using them as life hacks for home issues/solutions or even donating them if they are in a somewhat amiable condition is a step in the right direction.

The continued habit of reusing and/or recycling when attached to other clothes will help us stem this unending tide of wastage. And it all starts with a single sock. 

Like we said, every little bit counts, no?

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