6 Tried And Tested Ways On How To Keep No Show Socks from Slipping

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Whether you wear no show socks on a regular basis, or have worn them on occasion before, you’ll most likely have experienced the frustration of them falling down constantly, and it usually gets to the point where there’s no point in even fixing them anymore, so you leave them covering your toes and hanging off of the end of your heels.

Sound familiar?

Despite how utterly annoying it is to have this happen to your socks whilst you’re wearing them during the day, you’ll be relieved to finally discover that there is a fix, so read on to find out how to solve this problem!

In case you’re not already aware of what no-show socks are, or you’d like to find out a little bit more information about them, such as the various different cuts, here is a similar article explaining everything you need to know about no show socks.

Now, onto how you can keep your no show socks from slipping.

How to keep no show socks from slipping

How To Keep No Show Socks From Slipping?

1. Find The Right Material

One of the most important components of your sock is the material it’s made of, no matter what type of sock it is.

If you are buying no show socks made out of a suitable material, you’ll notice that they’re much more likely to hold up.

Finding a material with breathability and stretch is the best combination for all-day comfort on your feet.

2. Choose Ones With Silicone Grips

You may have seen no show socks with silicone grips before, and they’re useful little inventions for keeping your socks stuck to your ankles, therefore preventing them from slipping down all the time.

It’s best to buy your socks in person, so you can feel which silicone grips are the ‘stickiest’, or in other words, which ones will have the best grip on your heels.

3. Suit Your Shoes

Of course, you want to wear no show socks for exactly their purpose, so that they don’t show, meaning you want them to be as low-cut as possible, but this might be compromising their ability to stay up.

Try to find a pair of socks which have as much material as possible whilst still staying below your shoe.

The more material, the less likely they are to fall off your foot.

4. Be Aware Of Size

Although you may not have given it much thought beforehand as it’s a natural choice, the size of socks you wear on your feet can make a huge difference as to whether or not they stay up.

When it comes to no show socks, choose ones which have as precise of a size as possible (e.g.: size 5 rather than sizes 4-7) as, this way, they’ll have a better fit on your foot, and won’t slip down from being too big or small.

5. Pay A Little More For Higher Quality

We all know that higher quality products often come at a higher price point.

As tempting as it may be to find a pair of socks which are super cheap, avoid buying these, and go for ones which you know are made of good quality materials and will hold up really well for regular wear.

6. Buy A New Pair When You Need Them

Just like any socks, your no show socks will eventually wear out, and it is a very good idea to replace them when this happens, to keep them comfortable and practical for your feet.

Signs of wear include threadbare areas on the soles, worn down silicone grips or holes.

You may think you end up going through your socks faster, but it will pay off you’re your comfort.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you know which things to take into account, you can combine these tricks to fix your sock-slipping problems for good and wear your no-show socks with full confidence that they’ll stay on your feet.

Sometimes, it can take a few tries to find the sock which suits all of these elements for you, but it’ll certainly be worth it once you do!

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