Making A Statement With These Unique Men’s Dress Socks

A good pair of socks maketh the man. The man maketh money. Money ‘buy-eth’ the sock. It is not really the “Circle of Life”, but you get the picture.

But the picture for socks was not always so clear. First invented either for the idea of purity or just to keep people’s feet warm, socks have come far from their humble more animalistic beginnings to become a fashion statement not just on red carpets but in streetwear as well.

Gone are the usual holy trinity of plain black, white, and grey. These days socks come in an amazing array of funky colors, sometimes debatable combos, unique styles, and high-end materials. 

There really is an option for literally everyone, but that also means the modern man is spoiled for choice, making shopping a little more of a hassle. But that shouldn’t discourage you from experimenting on your ankle game. 

That’s why we are here to help you.

We have conveniently divided some great socks into 3 categories for a closer look. You could buy these, or use these as inspiration for some sock drawer overhaul.

Let’s look at some of the more unique offerings for the modern man:

For the Streetwear Hypebeast Making A Statement

For the Streetwear Hypebeast Making A Statement
Gucci socks – Source: Gucci Store


The Italian brand is known for making statement pieces, and streetwear is nothing but making a statement. 

A great pair of socks can really highlight a pair of kicks and with summer in full swing, having a bold sock will up your style game.

From patterned brown to gold embroidered tigers, Gucci socks have the uber cool throwback vibe while never neglecting comfort. 

They are on the expensive end of sock prices, but here’s the plus: you can finally tell all your mates that you own Gucci. So, you Gucci.

Vetements socks – Source: Vetements Store


In French, the term vetements means clothes. So, it stands to make sense that the brand Vetements is a symbol of French clothing company, right? Oui oui, monsieur.

They are a ‘design collective’ who like to transform down to earth clothing articles into more playful garments. 

And that is exactly what they have done for the most down to earth garment of all: le Sock. Sure, you could get their more traditional patterned white socks, but we all know that if you are spending this kind of money, you would want to go all in. So why not go for the fire red ones no? 

The Overdressing Gentleman in You


Imagine this: It is your wedding. You have your tailor-made tux laid out for you, hair parted, teeth whitened for the big day when your cheeks will start hurting from constantly smiling. But there’s one thing you don’t want to get hurt in, and that is the feet department. 

There will be plenty of standing involved and that’s where you need the most comfortable no-nonsense socks to get you through two of the scariest but priceless words in the English language: “I do”. 

The best people to go for no-nonsense are obviously ze German’s. And they have your feet covered with brand Falke. With its merino wool and sometimes 100% fine soft cotton socks (especially the Falke No. 13), it will make you feel like you are standing in heaven. Perfect for the lifelong date with that special someone. And a return gift to your groomsmen for that bachelor party.


Yup, those are socks! Source: Uniqlo Twitter

Okay, so you spent a huge percentage of your budget in getting the right french cuff shirts, chinos, maybe a tie and suspenders and the obvious pair of custom-made brogues, leaving you with a little change for your socks. 

Fret not, as the Japanese have you covered. With Uniqlo’s colour socks the price may be cheap, but you are getting a genuinely well padded, tightly woven comfortable set.

The Japanese are just so astute at quality that no one would be able to guess your socks cost less 1/100th of your shoes.

With so many colors available and at such a bargain price, you can have your sock wardrobe looking more majestic than your average fantasy unicorn and still mix and match them with more or less every outfit. It is a luxe dream for the men out there. And did I mention the COLORS?

For the Men Who Likes a Good Story

Ministry of Supply

For the Men Who Likes a Good Story
Ministry of Supply socks – Source: Ministry of Supply store

QS ranks the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as the top university in the world. They have 96 Nobel Laureates, 26 Turing Award Winners. So, you know, a pretty decent University. Amongst their alumni they have created several famous companies like Dropbox and Buzzfeed, but this illustrious list also includes revolutionary clothing company, the Ministry of Supply.  

Ministry of Supply does have a suspiciously governmental name (they are named after a British government department in 1939 called, unsurprisingly, the Ministry of Supply)  but then again, their clothing is inspired by NASA materials, so you are not wrong there. 

Not unlike launching rockets into Space, Ministry of Supply combines innovative materials with engineering practices to create pretty advanced office apparel. So, no not spacecraft or booster rockets, but an arguable close second.

Their Atlas line of socks, apart from looking fashionable while having a pretty cosmic name, is made from not only regular yarn but infused with coffee grounds and recycled plastic bottles as well.

Saving the planet in style should not be left to James Bond only right? We highly recommend getting a great tux and some shoes too. Doing some spy work in only socks, well safe to say it will be obvious where your Q gadgets reside. Among other things.


Some “Bombass” socks – Source: Bombas

While it may feel like a missed opportunity to not put an extra ‘s’ in the brand name, Bombas is not like the company you first envision when you think of the name.

Sure, they create dope socks, but they are a company who like to fret the details over sock design and fit so that you can have their signature ‘100% Happiness Guaranteed’. 

But they like to extend the happiness beyond just you.

For every sock a customer buys, they donate one to the community, specifically the homeless. Everyone loves a clean pair of comfortable socks but for the people who cannot afford new clothes, the feeling is so much more special. Bombas was founded on the idea of making everyone feel special, and they have kept their promise.

To-date Bombas has donated more than 30 million pairs to over 2500 community organizations, giving smiles to so many people in need. And obviously, the people love their socks. The most wholesome clothing company? Probably.

Closing Thoughts

And there you have it folks, unique socks for almost every occasion.

Obviously three categories are too few to really get a scope of the multitude of offerings available anywhere for drugstores to high street fashion outlets. You may have your own categories and that is very respectable, because that actually means you put some thought in your ankle fashion.

Why is that commendable? Mainly because socks are perhaps the biggest item of clothing we put the least amount of thought in.

While fashion has progressed very far, so has our desire to be clothed differently.

But socks just haven’t seen the same amount of love. They are an underappreciated gem, be it whether you are planning a complete makeover or just a big fan of Marie Kondo.

It is very easy to go to your local store and just pick a pack or even buy one and get one free multi-pack. They will serve the base purpose of covering your feet and perhaps your ankles. But will they be comfortable, long lasting, whilst elevating your outfit? Probably not. 

Closing Thoughts

Socks, like men’s belts, can really make or break an outfit. You don’t want to walk out your door looking like SpongeBob SquarePants now, do you? Speaking of which, check out these SpongeBob SquarePants printed socks on amazon.

We know, socks are covered by pants, why do we have to put so much thought in them? 

Well, fretting about the details is the difference between the outfit looking like a million bucks or just a pickup from the thrift store. 

The right people notice these tiny details. And if you look like a well kept detail oriented person literally everyone from your boss, to your neighbour, to even your Tinder date would show some “appreciation”.

What are some other unique socks and category we should include?

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